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Patient Information
Patient Information

Lung Cancer Screening

Realizing the need for a proactive lung cancer screening program, Radiology, Inc. and its partner hospitals, Memorial Hospital of South Bend, Elkhart General Hospital, La Porte Hospital, Goshen General Hospital and Memorial Lighthouse Medical Imaging have created a patient-centered lung screening program with convenient nurse navigators and screening, all under one roof.

What is Lung Cancer?
Lung cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in one or both lungs. The abnormal cells can grow and develop into tumors that interfere with the function of the lung. But, because it can take a while for any physical symptoms to develop, early detection is literally a life saver.

Cigarette smoking is the cause of most lung cancers, but there are other factors, too. Exposure to asbestos, radon, environmental factors and secondhand smoke can also cause lung cancer.

Who Should be Tested?
The National Cancer Institute conducted a large national lung screening trial, which showed a benefit in detecting lung cancer earlier in heavy smokers using Low Dose CT.

If you answer yes to the statements below, you are most likely a candidate for a lung screening:
  • I am between the ages of 50-79
  • I have a significant smoking history, even if I already quit smoking (i.e. - smoked more than a pack of cigarettes per day for 20 years)
  • I do not have a history of lung cancer within the past 5 years
Regardless of your eligibility for participation in the lung screening program, if you are a smoker, we recommend enrollment in a smoking cessation program.

Getting Started
You owe it to yourself and your loved ones, to take control of your health. For a long-term smoker, a proactive lung cancer screening test is among the most important steps toward securing extended quality of life.

To schedule an appointment at Memorial Hospital or Memorial Lighthouse Medical Imaging, please call (574) 647-7700.

To schedule an appointment at Elkhart General Hospital, please call (574) 523-3444.

To schedule an appointment at Goshen General Hospital, please call (574) 364-2400.

To schedule an appointment at LaPorte Hospital, please call (219) 326-2444.

Is the Radiation from a Scan Safe?
The scan you will receive is a Low Dose CT scan of the chest. This scan is painless and takes just a few minutes. The amount of radiation received from the scan is very low. It is approximately 1/8 the amount that would be received from having a regular CT scan and similar to the radiation exposure you receive naturally from the environment over approximately 6 months.

What's Next?
A radiologist will review the LDCT scan to determine if any abnormalities are present. If your results indicate the need for further testing or follow up, then the nurse navigator will explain the next steps. In the event that your results are concerning, it's good to know that you are in good hands with Radiology, Inc., the largest and most specialty-trained radiology practice in Northwest Indiana.

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