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Congratulations to Dr. Allison Lamont of Radiology, Inc for being a Doc Who Rocks!


Patient Information
Patient Information

Dr. Samir Patel has accepted a 4-year commitment to be on the American College of Radiology (ACR) Joint Committee on Breast Imaging Appropriateness Criteria and Practice Guidelines and Technical Standards.

There are twenty members on this national committee who are considered "experts" in breast imaging. The joint committee is responsible for evaluating, in an evidence-based fashion, the appropriateness of using breast imaging in certain clinical settings and producing and updating documents related to this for the American College of Radiology as reference for all radiology practices in the country. Also the joint committee is to review and update breast imaging practice guidelines which recommend conduct in specific areas of clinical practice.

The ACR Practice Guidelines and Technical Standards define principles and technical parameters of radiologic practice which should produce desired health care outcomes. They describe a range of acceptable approaches for the diagnosis and/or treatment of disease for most patients in most circumstances. They are based on analysis of current literature, expert opinion, open forum commentary, and informal consensus.

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